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We are an early-stage space-technology startup located in El Segundo (Los Angeles), California. Our mission is to unlock commercial and military access to Very Low Earth Orbits (VLEO), far below where traditional satellites fly, and that is much more sustainable. By reviewing our website – and watching our content – you know how vital this is for Earth-facing and space-based applications.
We are looking for passionate, talented professionals and interns to join our ever-growing team!

Open Roles

Spacecraft Systems Engineer

We’re seeking a Spacecraft Systems Engineer to lead the design and building of our first VLEO satellite. Yes, you will be responsible for designing and developing our first-generation air-breathing VLEO satellite bus and helping to productize our major subsystems. This includes developing requirements, designing the spacecraft and its subsystems, procuring and fabricating components, integrating and testing satellite subsystems. You will interact with all members of our small but growing team and our advisors. In your 30 days, we familiarize you with our unique propulsion system and start developing satellite requirements around this system. In your first 60 days you will start designing the major satellite subsystems. After 90 days you will start creating a first engineering prototype of our satellite and/or major subsystems. Not for the faint of heart. Only the ambitious and kind-hearted need apply. Send your resume and a brief cover letter here:

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