Our Technology and Our Mission

Since the 1960s, aerospace pioneers have been trying to harness the rarified air in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) to provide propellant to an Electric Thruster to allow satellites to maneuver without regret in ultra-low orbits, and even provide this fuel to other satellites. If one can create thrust that exceeds the drag at the edge of space (where a sparse atmosphere exists) the capabilities for Earth and Space-focused applications would change the new space economy forever. We are setting out to do just that.

Watch our documentary below, which chronicles our journey and our technology in greater depth. Space is changing in a meaningful way and we are looking to supercharge this evolution.

Our Products In Development

Electric Propulsion Systems

We’re also working with companies that have their own satellite platforms to offer air-breathing ASET-technology enabled electric propulsion systems to improve life cycles and enable VLEO orbit capabilities to complement your mission, as well as refueling fleets. Click the button to learn more.

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Basic Analysis of an Air Breathing Electric Propulsion Concept
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A Few More Images from Our Lab in L.A.

There is a lot going on in our lab and, yes, we can only show you a little for now. But, if you’re interested, we give tours to potential partners. There are many areas of our life that patent-pending ASET technology will likely impact in the years to come. One often-overlooked aspect that makes us proud is good environmental stewardship. Our technology will help to clean up space and make it more sustainable for generations to come!

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